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My name is Carla and I am the proud owner of Carla’s Grooming salon . In my salon I treat all breeds ,large medium and small pedigree and crossbreed’s. Once we have had a consultation with you and your dog we will recommend that your dog is groomed according to his/her breed , if the vehicle is a cross breed we can groom to your wish as far as the dogs coat allows. Regular appointments can also be made for a regular comb , brush ,and  wash . A standard treatment consists of cutting ,plucking, trimming, and shaving(this depends on the dogs coat type)washing, nail clipping, and  ear plucking .


Walk your dog well Before you bring him/her to the groomer. The treatment will take SOME hours and it is very annoying if the dog does its Needs and as long as Must stop.

• Consult with your groomer first if you plan to bathe your dog before grooming.

• Many coats are difficult to treat after washing. If you wash your dog yourself, try to BRING your dog as dry as possible, as a wet coat is not treatable.

• If your dog has a medical abnormality and/or an infectious condition (kennel cough, ringworm, etc.) and/or is in heat, we would like to know this in advance.

• Always leash the dog and leave the leash with the groomer.

• Never bring your dog on a full stomach.



Additional information

 Rate is applied to all products and services. If the coat is in a bad condition, the prices may differ!

Do you think that your dog's coat has such a nice length right now, but the eyes no longer visible and the feet shabby? Then make an appointment for a “FRESH-UP”. The dog is washed, blow-dried, brushed, the feet nicelyroundcut, the hair for the eyes are neatly cut away, the nails cut and the ears are plucked all this in consultation with the groomer of course.

All prices mentioned include 21% VAT.


If the coat is in a bad condition, the prices may differ, otherwise in consultation with the groomer.




Wash or
 freshen up
Very Small
 € 40.00

Very Small
 € 45,00

Very Small 
€ 45,00

Very Small 
€ 40,00

 Wash from
 € 15.00 depending on the size
 € 45,00

 € 50,00

 € 50,00

 € 45,00

 Refreshing up from
 € 20.00 depending on the size
Average € 60,00

Average € 65,00

 € 70,00

 € 65,00

 € 75,00

 € 80,00

 € 85,00

 € 85,00


Behandeling all inclusive

Pluck, dewool, 

Half shaving,

Shaving felted


(incl. clipping nails, washing with laundry bag € 40,00

(incl. clipping nails , washing with
laundry bag  € 47,50

(incl. clipping nails, washing with laundry bag € 50,00

Wash and dry extra€12,50
Clipping nails only € 5

Guinea pigs and rabbits

 Treatments are all inclusive

Whashing Clipping nails detangle Shaving
Guinea pigs
 € 5.00
Guinea pigs 
€ 5,00
 ​Guinea pigs from € 5,00  Guinea pigs from € 15,00
Rabbit whashing
 € 7,50
 € 5,00
 Rabbit from € 10,00  Rabbit from
 € 20,00

Frequently asked Questions

Why is my dog secured on the grooming table?

The dog is secured on the grooming table, that is for his own safety. They cannot jump off the grooming table. Sometimes the dogs get a belly band. Such a belly band ensures that the dogs remain standing, which may be necessary for the treatment.

Will my dog be sedated during a treatment?

Rest assured, your dog will not be sedated during a treatment. This myth is probably because most dogs are very tired after being groomed. This is: firstly because dogs find grooming very exciting and secondly because they have to stand for a long time. When they get home, most dogs go straight to sleep.

Do the dogs bite you?

It is rare for a groomer to be bitten and have to deal with an aggressive dog. If necessary, a muzzle is available. The dogs are usually sweet and calm.

Can I have my dog washed alone?

Yes, that's possible. It will definitely save you a lot of dirt and hair in your bathroom!!

Which shampoo should I buy for my dog?

It is best to let me advise you in the grooming salon. There are many types of shampoos for different coats. I can offer you the shampoo that best suits your dog. I can also advise you on the types of brushes and combs.

Do you also trim puppy's?

A puppy can be trimmed for the first time when he is about 3 months old. I will make sure that your puppy does not experience the trimming as annoying and you can help your puppy by brushing him right from the start. If you don't do this, your puppy could get tangles. He will have to be detangled at the first appointment. This is not pleasant for the animal. Therefore, do not wait too long with the first appointment.

What about in the winter and in a warm summers?

Dogs can also be groomed in winter. Only with walks should it be ensured that your dog keeps moving.

In the summer many people want to have their dogs shaved short. This is not a problem for dogs such as Maltese, poodles, etc. But with some coat types such as e.g. short stick-haired (labrador) this is not recommended. This changes the coat structure and disrupts the growth cycle. This is also not good for polar dogs such as huskies and keeshonden. If you repeatedly shave close to these dogs, there is a chance that the hair will not come back for several years. This is because they have a coat growth cycle of more than 2 years. If your dog is shaved too short and the outside temperature is high… cool your dog by spraying him wet with water. Please note: in the summer the coat protects against the sun and heat.

Can I also bring my short-haired dog?

Short-haired dogs can be treated very well in the grooming salon. The dogs can of course be washed and I can advise you about Verharen.


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